Import term set error

The easiest way to create term sets with lots of terms in the Taxonomy Term Store is to upload a CSV file. You can download a sample file (ImportTermSet.csv) from the Term Store itself:
metadata sample
Open the file in Excel, and replace the sample terms with your terms (or add more.) Then you can save it and upload it back to the Term Store, just click on the group you want and choose Import Term Set:
import term set
Here you can find the TechNet documentation.

However, if your terms are in Hebrew (or any other non-Latin language) you are most likely to encounter this error message upon upload:
An error was encountered while attempting to import the term set at line [last line] of the submitted file and some data may not have been cleaned up.  Please ensure that this file is a valid csv file and adheres to the correct format as in the sample file ImportTermSet.csv.
The solution is very simple: after you save the CSV with the new terms in Excel, open it in Notepad and save it as a UTF-8 file (make sure you select All Files type):
In some cases you may be able to upload the file without errors, but then you'll see gibberish instead of Hebrew. Always save with UTF-8 encoding to avoid this.

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Peterg said...

20 years after ther 1st version of unicode there are still problems with handling characters; thanx for the tip

Clarence Ricketts said...

Excelente artículo, me sirvió increiblemente. Por otro lado, aveces se presenta el mismo problema cuando uno tiene líneas duplicadas en el archivo csv.

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