Taxonomy Breadcrumb Web Part

Now here's something I bet you've always wanted but couldn't find: a Taxonomy Breadcrumb Web Part. Luckily, Yoni Goldberg has written a free one at my request:

This web part is extremely useful, and I think it should be an integral part of every wiki library you create. Here's a common example of its usage:
  • you have a wiki library
  • the pages are tagged with wiki categories (using a managed metadata column)
  • the wiki categories (i.e. the terms is the managed metadata column) have a hierarchy
  • each page has a breadcrumb displaying the full path of the term in the term set
For example, a wiki page with the breadcrumb:
Taxonomy Breadcrumb Web Part

The breadcrumb web part can also be used in list item pages, it is not restricted to wiki pages exclusively.

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Ezzeldin Mohamed said...

Would it work with navigating through a document library?

Ami said...

What do you mean by navigating through a document library?

This web part displays a breadcrumb for a single item. If your document library contains pages (wiki or web part pages) then you can insert the taxonomy web part into them.

If you are looking for a simple way to navigate through a document library by its metadata, you can enable the metadata navigation that comes with SharePoint 2010. Go to 'Library settings' > 'Metadata navigation settings' and select the columns you want.

Muyo said...

Many of many of Many Thanks, it works, you saved my day

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