My favourite (free) tools for working with SharePoint

Here's a short list of all the free tools that I find indispensable when working with SharePoint. I started it in March 2011 and I promise to keep updating it as I find useful tools.
  • Easy Tabs - easily create a tabbed interface of all the web parts in a web part zone.
  • SPServices - a jQuery library which abstracts SharePoint's Web Services and makes them easier to use. The bottom line - with a few lines of script you can enhance the user experience and find a solution for many SharePoint annoyances (for example enabling autocomplete, cascading dropdowns and much more.)
  • SMS Trace (Trace32) - yes, I know it's a bit old, but it is still my log viewer of choice. It loads quickly and automatically highlights alerts. Note that you have to download the complete toolkit, when you install it choose only 'Common tools'. 
  • for SharePoint - an Outlook (or Lotus Notes) sidebar that provides easy, full-featured access to SharePoint from the convenience of the email client.
  • SharePoint Manager 2010 - explores SharePoint's object model and lets you modify properties.
  • WSPBuilder - automates solution (.wsp) creation, integration with Visual Studio available. [not needed in SP2010]

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deepu said...

helpful !

SharePoint Innovations said...

Great Blog!

Ami said...

thanks :)

SP Innovations said...

Easy tabs is our favorite too:) Thanks for the article! Well written!

Jean said...

Cheers Ami for sharing these free tools.

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